Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles

Tempest UAS

This site details a test platform designed by Jack Elston, Cory Dixon, Jason Roadman, Maciej Stachura, and Tom Aune for flight tests involving in-situ sensing of severe storms. An overview of our system's characteristics can be found in the platform datasheet below. To view results and videos from different flights, please view our flight testing folder.

Our operations occuring at the Table Mountain National Radio Quiet Zone north of Boulder, CO are authorized by the FAA under Certificate of Authorization 2008-WSA-81. Operations at the Pawnee National Grasslands in northeast Colorado are authorized under Certificate of Authorization 2008-WSA-82.

Flights at other locations featuring more than just test scenarios will be authorized by an FAA Certificate of Authorization currently in the appilcation process.

Platform Datasheet
Fleet Statistics as of 15 June 2010
UA # of
Total Flight
Time (hrs)
Tempest-0 20 2.29
Tempest-1 7 2.04
Tempest-1.5 32 9.19
Tempest-2 10 4.89
Totals 69 18.40

Platform Features