Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado.

The Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles (RECUV) is a university, government, and industry partnership dedicated to the development and application of unmanned vehicle systems. RECUV research encompasses scientific experiments, commercial applications, mitigation of natural and man-made disasters, security, and national defense.

RECUV draws faculty and students from across the College of Engineering and Applied Science. We address technical challenges in a collaborative environment that integrates the traditional aerospace engineering disciplines of aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, navigation, control, and platform design with networks, telecommunications, robotics, and security.

The goals of RECUV are to:

  • Engineer new mobile sensing systems that integrate sensors and unmanned vehicles.
  • Stimulate strategic discussions among local, national, and international leaders.
  • Facilitate adoption of these systems by working with regulatory agencies to lead the way to commercial development.
  • Increase public awareness of unmanned vehicles and their applications.
  • Educate and train a next generation of innovative and multidisciplinary engineers.

The RECUV research program is supported by membership dues and federal agency support for research of mutual interest to its member companies and government agencies.